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Yoga Nidra is an ancient tantric transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry. Yoga Nidra is a simple, yet profound, systematic technique of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Yoga Nidra can be successfully used in personal practice, yoga classes, social work, massage and physical therapy, as well as alternative and integrative practices.

Join us here in here in studio in beautiful Kelowna, BC, for weekly classes, monthly workshops, Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings, or visit our Yoga Nidra downloads page for a personal home practice.


  • “I have done a little bit of yoga nidra but only that which has been taught at Tandava.  It was a wonderful experience.  For me the best part was the half hour yoga nidra   I did not want it to end and was sorry when Sonya suggested we start to come back into our bodies. The introduction was necesary though as it is important to understand what and why we are doing something. Yes, I would definitely recommend it to a friend and would attend more yoga nidra workshops.  I hope the studio will be offering more chances to practice.  Yes, you can use any of my comments.” – Bev S

  • “I loved the workshop and the presentation was very professional. For me, it was a reminder of what stress does and you gave me a new tool to restore my state of balance. I slept deeper than I have for a long long time that night after the workshop. I plan to come to Yoga Nidra at Tandava. Thank you!” – Linda R

  • “This was my first Yoga Nidra experience.  I would most definitely recommend this workshop.   I think I’ve told every one of my friends that  I’ve talked to since the workshop about how amazing it was.  I felt so different at the end of the workshop.  You mentioned that what you led us through at the end of the class was comparable to the deep sleep we often miss out on because of high stress levels and this is where the body heals itself.  Somehow I felt as though that is what took place in me – a healing of some kind.  Hard to describe but it was an amazing feeling.  So yes I would recommend it to anyone.  This week when I have started to feel anxious, I go back to the three things that I wrote down that were opposite to the way I often feel and I find I can relax.  I appreciated learning the different breathing techniques to help with relaxation and feeling good.  It was all so very interesting and informative.  I would like to learn more about Yoga Nidra.” - Phyllis L



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